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Name:N A M E S A K E N
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You wake in a simple room in a cottage on top of a hill. There's a woman staring down at you with a soft smile. "I'm sorry about this," she says. "But you've been drafted."

You're in the Outer Bleed, she tells you, it's the home of the Guardians. They're the protectors of the multiverse. But recently some of their number has gone rogue, upsetting the balance and throwing the multiverse into chaos. Hence the drafting of people from universes that have been targeted to the ranks of the Guardians.

It will be your job to go into other universes and complete missions to restore balance. Sometimes this will involve fighting. Sometimes it will mean retrieving an object, or placing one back where it belongs. Sometimes it will be saving someone's life. The possibilities are endless.

"You'll have to pick another name. Words have quite a lot of power out here, and using the names of things from your home will pull you back there. That might seem like a good idea, but if you loose your tether, there's no guarantee you'll end up in the right variation of your universe," the woman says as she pulls a change of clothes out of a dresser. "The same goes for any magic spells, named weapons, and the like from your world. Power works differently here. You can mold it with simply words, if you can find the right ones."

She hands you the clothes and her smile turns a little sad. "I really am sorry about this. What name would you like to go by now, Guardian?"


Namesaken is a pan-fandom, invite-only game. Characters are brought into the Outer Bleed and given small cottages to live in, in return for their service as Guardians. During their tenure as Guardians they go by new names, learn new ways to fight, and get the chance to explore other universes, both canon and original.

The game can be both slice of life, with the setting of the Outer Bleed, and plot-heavy with mod-run plots every [TIME GOES HERE]. Player plots are encouraged, from game-spanning plots to two-person missions to encourage closer CR. Check the links below for more info.

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